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Financial information utilized for decision making has limitations and pitfalls, and it’s important that you understand the numbers game when you make business critical decisions. Accounting principles and legacy plays a significant role in your decision making process and understanding how to optimize profitability, end-to-end, in a cyclical environment where demand and the quality of forecasting varies is usually not easy.

We make your numbers more relevant and we reveal how the numbers game work, and how transparency and relevance drives good decision making. We strive to show you how to get out more with the same – or even more with less.

We help companies, owners and investors to understand risks and opportunities of a company, always with cash flow and value creation in focus.



Business critical decisions will affect your current and future profitability, cash flow and potential valuation. Increasing or decreasing capacity, new market entry or acquiring new customers usually involves investments and expected future payback. Our deliverable is a transparent approach where alternatives can be compared and simulated. You will be able to evaluate how different choices change the likelihood of different outcome and how this affect your numbers.

With a good and agile methodology we can deliver a high quality second opinion that can be used as benchmark to your own thoughts or calculations.


Understanding your restrictions and bottlenecks will enable you to steer activities in the right direction and unlock your full potential. This awareness will enable you to make decisions where you allocate the optimal amount of recourses in critical areas. On the other hand, this will also enable you to analyse your capabilities from a market point of view i.e. how to do more with the same. To get the most out of the system you need to look at the total system and discard optimization of silos.

With a good understanding of your current reality, key performance indicators and incentive models can be aligned to support you reaching your full potential.



In a situation where cash is a constraint, corrective actions are needed. Cost cuttings can be one action on the list, more important is to look at the assortment and your customers and to understand the end-to-end profitability related to these. We support you in the restructuring work, focusing on sustainable cash flow improving actions. Traditional management accounting is usually not a very transparent tool to be used in such a process, a more agile and transparent way of working is needed. Cash flow improvements need to be verified and real, not only theoretical improvements on a paper.

Before jumping on a solution you need to simulate different scenarios and evaluate risks and opportunities. We can support you with the building blocks in this process.



Companies tend to feel that they are misguided by the numbers used in their management accounting. The challenge will surface especially with a critical business decisions on the table, impacting structures, assortment, capacity and investments. We have experience in developing management accounting, measurements and KPI:s related to strategic, tactical and operational decision making and to get the numbers game back on track. We combine our knowledge in finance and operations and we work across the company’s different functions to gain transparency and understanding of the profitability levers and cash flow potential.

We strive to make your numbers more relevant since we know that relevance drives good decisions.


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