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Your partner for a step change

Do you reach your profitability targets and customer expectations?

Are you stuck and tired on explanations and in need of clarity and “out of the box” thinking?


Do you capitalize on your edge and your operative & financial levers?

Does your finance and operational people even speak the same language?


Is it time for a step change or do you wait for a turnaround situation?

Are you ready to tear down silos and set egos aside?


We @ NoBSH help you to navigate through operational complexity towards your full potential

What we do

Together we identify and focus on the areas of highest leverage. Small and targeted changes can produce big results and open up for considerable operational and cashflow improvements driving a positive change in performance and profitability.

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The key questions are:

1. Why change?

2. What to change and what to change to?

3. How to change?

Your performance will be explored from the operational and financial dimensions that are truly relevant and actionable.


We are about hands-on support, always thinking customer value, end-to-end profitability and working fluently top-down and bottom up together with your team.

Our Story

Stop wasting time and effort on actions that in fact have a minimal and sometimes even a negative effect on your business performance. Improving your business is about changes and choices that have a real impact on your business. Deep understanding of the underlying reality and the dynamics of your business is needed to make decisions that truly brings you the desired effect.


We arrived at the conclusion that decision-making in most companies is largely done on the wrong premises. When financial numbers only tell one part of the story they might be the biggest hurdle towards profitable growth - your numbers might be lying.


That is why NOBSH was born.


Mats Danielsson, Co-founder

“I have an extensive experience from finance leadership roles in different companies and businesses. During my career I have lived and worked in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.


​In a rapidly changing environment traditional management accounting has to be challenged. Exploring growth opportunities, profitability improvement initiatives and varying cash situations demand a need to re-think the basis for decision making. Management accounting should be a part of the solution and not only present the problem.


​Happy to spend my time with my family, home or in the archipelago. Wannabe engineer trying to restore historical German cars.”

Jonni Friman, Co-founder

“I am an industrial engineering and management geek with +20 year experience in business operations and cash flow improvement. During my career I have lived and worked in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.


The link between sustainable productivity and profitability improvement has been lost in the existing accounting and KPI practices. The power of factory physics and flow principles are still not fully understood and traditional management systems as well as KPI/incentive structures are actively working against flow and the organisations full potential.


Happily living in the edge of chaos with my wife and our seven kids, a dog and a cat."


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