Operations and finance aligned

At NoBSH we promote the benefit of linking operations and finance closely together. From experience we know that there is a need for a common way of understanding and utilizing information to drive common behaviours. We have successfully worked together with several companies to improve business performance by challenging and sparring ways of working and the numbers game. We provide you with a transparent numbers-methodology focusing on end-to-end cash flow, capabilities and business opportunities. This will help you to make decisions that realize your full potential.

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The Numbers Game 

Traditional management accounting is distorted by a cost per unit approach and internal P&L structures. Numbers are often produced for external accounting needs, adding to poor visibility and causing sub-optimal decisions for your total business. There are however alternative, and more transparent, routes how to approach this. Financial information and analysis supporting decision making should meet the demand of decision makers where cash flow, capacity and simulation possibilities is of high importance.


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Articles by the NoBSH team

Below you can find some of our thoughts as short reads.

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Your decision

Decision making is about different choices and a good decision making process should be well structured. An alternative, or choice, should be linked to a presumed financial outcome with a bottom-line focus. This is the key in any decision making, and then it is up to you to judge the risks and opportunities involved.


We represent a strong combination of expertise in value chain operations and management accounting. Contact us to get a flying start in the change process, we can turn your heads into a new direction and develop a new way of thinking.  

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