​Your partner in sustainable productivity and profitability improvement.

The business environment is continuously changing and your management accounting and performance measures has to meet the demand of your decision makers to maximise your bottom-line, now and in the future. 

Future demand is hard to predict and is constantly changing between high and low and capacity shifting from excess capacity to capacity shortage. To achieve a sustainable performance improvement in these conditions you need to understand your profitability leavers and constraints, and how different cost elements impact your bottom line. The ability to simulate how truly variable cost, fixed cost and investments impact your cash flow is key.

We help you turn your operational and financial data into relevant information that can be utilized as a toolbox for sound decision making and improve your performance management process.

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Financial information utilized in many companies has limitations and pitfalls, this is especially evident when data is used for decision making. Reporting, measurements and KPI:s are often in conflict, especially Finance and Operations tend to guide and steer business decisions in different directions. Understanding of how to optimize the total profitability, end-to-end, is missing and there is often a lack of common KPI:s. We reveal how badly this can affect your profitability and how you can re-think your management accounting

“NoBSH supported us in a strategic investment decision. Their logical methodology worked in an agile and transparent way that supported the whole decision process” 

- Erkki Järvinen, President & CEO

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"NoBSH and their Value Stream Analysis fulfills the empty hole for LEAN-management and truly creates a common language for Operations and Finance"

- Hannu Martola, President & CEO


“The Nobsh team helped us to give increased transparency to our numbers, focusing on end-to-end cash flow and profitability” 

- Daniela Yrjö-Koskinen, Managing Director



Mats Danielsson

“I have an extensive experience from finance and controlling from different companies and businesses. During my career I have lived and worked in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. Board member at Ahlström Capital, a family-owned investment company based in Helsinki.

Traditional management accounting is to be challenged in a rapidly changing environment. Exploring growth opportunities, profitability improvement initiatives and varying cash situations demand a need to re-think the basis for decision making.

Happy to spend my time with my family, home or in the archipelago. Wannabe engineer working with, and driving, historical German cars”

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Jonni Friman

“I am an industrial engineering and management geek with +20 year experience in business operation and cash flow improvement. During my career I have lived and worked in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

The link between sustainable productivity and profitability improvement has been lost in the existing accounting and KPI practices. Lean/flow principles and activities are still not supported by relevant numbers game for true bottom-line improvement.


Happily living in the edge of chaos with my wife and our seven kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats."

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