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Wisdom is relying not only on the facts at hand, but also on intuition. Intuition comes from a holistic understanding of the underlying reality, past experiences and courage.

We arrived at the conclusion that decision-making in most companies is largely done on the wrong premises. When numbers only tell one part of the story they might be the biggest hurdle towards profitable growth - your numbers might be lying. To get the whole story, you need numbers that reflect the underlying reality and to get sound decisions you need to tear down silos and set egos aside. This will lead to better decisions that drive cash flow and profitability, and above all, growth and more prosperity.

That is why NOBSH was born.



Mats Danielsson

“I have an extensive experience from finance and controlling from different companies and businesses. During my career I have lived and worked in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. Board member at Ahlström Capital, a family-owned investment company based in Helsinki.

Traditional management accounting is to be challenged in a rapidly changing environment. Exploring growth opportunities, profitability improvement initiatives and varying cash situations demand a need to re-think the basis for decision making.

Happy to spend my time with my family, home or in the archipelago. Wannabe engineer working with, and driving, historical German cars”

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Jonni Friman

“I am an industrial engineering and management geek with +20 year experience in business operation and cash flow improvement. During my career I have lived and worked in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

The link between sustainable productivity and profitability improvement has been lost in the existing accounting and KPI practices. Lean/flow principles and activities are still not supported by relevant numbers game for true bottom-line improvement.


Happily living in the edge of chaos with my wife and our seven kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats."

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