Step change in business performance 

In order to improve profitability you need to understand the underlying reality of your business and where cash is generated. At NoBSH we apply flow principles, throughput accounting and value stream costing enabling you to see the full potential of your business. We provide you with a transparent number platform focusing on end-to-end cash flow and business opportunities. This will help you to make decisions that realize your full potential.

Fixing your Numbers Game 

Traditional management accounting is distorted by a cost per unit approach and internal P&L structures. Management reporting utilized for business decisions is based on standard cost accounting and optimization of silos, which gives poor visibility and cause sub-optimal decisions on your total business. The goals of Finance and Operations are conflicting because they work with a different logic.


Articles by the NoBSH team

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We represent a strong combination of expertise in value chain operations and management accounting. We have experience from managing projects with both short and long term profitability and cash flow impact and a track-record of turning alternative and innovative management accounting theories successfully into practice.


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